Australian Aboriginal X-ray Art has been found dating back over 4000 years. Learn how you can create some at elle and lou


Boomerang templates of many different shapes and sizes


Kangaroo templates in different styles including mother and joey and separate pouch stencil

 Koala mask instructions and template at Activity Village. (pictured at right)

More Australian Animal activities below

Message club - Print and draw or colour from the ABC

Kangaroo stencil from enchanted learning

Koala stencil from enchanted learning   

Koala stencil from DLTK

Koala mask template from activity village

Paper plate Emu from MSSS - Crafts and Resources

Tales from the billabong colouring page from fraynework

SNAICC Children’s Activity Kit PDF. Includes hand print art, nature bracelet, shaker, flags, Didgeridoo, weaving, jewellery, jig saw, clapping sticks.

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